Past Works

An Invocation To The Earth

An Invocation to the Earthby Yeo Siew Hua 202016:10 min video Deep in the tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia, a series of incantations invoke the spirits of yore, including those of the nimble, tricksy Kancil (mouse-deer) and the ferocious Buaya (crocodile). The ancient animals enact their folkloric vendetta in a furious dance of dominance, yet …

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Whispering Secrets Into Trees

Whispering Secrets Into Treesby Zarina Muhammad 2020A ‘spirit house’ assemblage composed of repurposed birdcages, soil, salvaged organic materials and plant parts, incense, benzoin resin, snakeskin, clay, yarn, coins alongside 56 ‘memory fragments’ printed on postcards. “Singapore has undergone rapid deforestation since 1819. Secondary vegetation has regrown on these previously disturbed lands. Did you have a …

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Durian-Pickingby Kray Chen 201515:32 min video In this short film, Kray Chen follows his father into the thick vegetation in the early morning in search for durians. Through the activity, Kray talks with his father about the peculiar hobby of durian-picking and the various stories he encountered in yearly adventure. 


Approximitiesby Nina Djekić 202016:40 min video Approximities presents us with a series of seemingly everyday vignettes. However, as the characters move in and out of the frame, the scenes increasingly gain an air of artifice. The film builds on my experiences visiting a local park while living in Singapore. Spending long stretches of time at the …

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