Correspondence for Choir

Certain insects, birds and frogs make specific sounds at particular moments of the day. Other rainforest sounds signal changes to the weather, like when rain is coming. When forest rhyme is a proposed series of graphical poems with onomatopoeia that resemble sounds from within the rainforest.

Artist Marjet Zwaans (Groningen, NL – 1988) studies and plays with elements from the Rethinking Economics movement for pluralism in economic education. Zwaans translates abstract concepts and models into spatial installations, workshops, and performances. Her recent works originate from Ecological Economics, a transdisciplinary field of study, focusing on the economy as a subsystem of a larger local and global ecosystem. It sets limits to the physical growth of the economy. Can we tune into collectives to produce less, consume less, repair more and take care of more? Interdependence is reflected in all her works, which often spring from infectious