Note 4: Sequel-making

It is why the artists of the project (some alongside new collaborators) have been invited to return to the forested areas that they had once dwelled. To engage with the other-than-human domains of the forests through their own practices and predilections be it through foraging, ritual-making or movement. In the process opening up possibilities to what Donna Haraway refers to as the emergent realisations of worlds, not just worldviews.

The artists have been asked to revisit the metaphorical (but also literal) fruits from their past labour.

They’re making sequels!

Though unlike their blockbuster counterparts are not for the lack of originality, but rather to trace us back to our points of origin. In acts that paradoxically, creates lineages forward, rather than backwards in time. To re-seed, re-cultivate and see these works through to their next stages of evolution.

Follow their lead as they seek out the king of fruits, choreograph bodies to the woods, echo-locate our way along spirit paths and visit a future beyond humans. Allowing us to appreciate ways of attending to the living logics that have always been part of how forests speak, commune and move through “us”.


Curator's Notes


Curator's Notes


Curator's Notes