Online artist talk

https://vimeo.com/510141022 Happened, 6th February 2021, 8pm SG time Online discussion with Zarina Muhammad, Zachary Chan, Nina Djekic, Kray Chen and Yeo Siew Hua about the exhibition, the artworks and their processes!

Online screening

3rd February 2021, 8pm Singapore time (GMT+8) https://www.facebook.com/ifforeststalk/videos/453553305656908/ Films:Durian-picking (Kray Chen)An Invocation to the Earth (Yeo Siew Hua)Approximities (Nina Djekic)<earth, land, sky and sea as palimpsest> (Zarina Muhammad & Zachary Chan)  Screening of all the films by the artists to which the new commission stem from. Trace their trajectories to see what the future may …

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Note 4: Sequel-making

It is why the artists of the project (some alongside new collaborators) have been invited to return to the forested areas that they had once dwelled. To engage with the other-than-human domains of the forests through their own practices and predilections be it through foraging, ritual-making or movement. In the process opening up possibilities to …

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Note 2: Life / Signs

In a tropical rainforest, durian trees are often a tell-tale sign of the proximities of bats. Twines and branches point to possible simian superhighways. While holes in the ground suggest the presence of wild boars. Semiotically, if we were to expand upon the notion of selfhood by explaining life as a sign process, then as …

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The Lover, The Excess, The Ascetic and The Fool

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg3A2QHbIRM *For best experience play video with the Youtube app to enable mobile gyroscope In these seemingly eschatological times, where the increasingly irreversible fact of the climate crisis unfolds. The delayed nature between (our) actions and their effects lend itself to a sense of suspension with the elongation of time. More and more so, the …

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Waiting for Durian

Waiting for Durian · Waiting for Durian Waiting for Durian is a sixteen-minute audio story inspired by Kray Chen’s very own short film, Durian-picking. A retelling that sonically and spatially transports the audiences into the Singaporean rainforest as they’re brought along on the nocturnal excursion, amidst a looming tropical storm. Durian-picking itself was a short …

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X Steps Through A Forest

00:00 00:00 enter 00:00 perspective dissipating into movement 00:00 listen 00:00 signs 00:00 ground adaptation 00:00 touch-me-not 00:00 memory cultivation 00:00 mycelial 00:00 edible-non-edible 00:00 structurally unsound 00:00 stream 00:00 axis 00:00 wet 00:00 cameocopy 00:00 map 00:00 by Nina Djekić Work comes online 22 January 2021 During this time of the global pandemic, many …

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